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Getting Started with Crypto

Welcome to Bankless. We're glad you're here!
Bankless Bankless Dec 11, 20236 min read
Getting Started with Crypto

Welcome to our first Bankless Journey.

Think of a Journey as a sort of rabbit hole playlist, giving you a structured way to dig deep into a particular topic. We've written hundreds of articles and essays and published hundreds of interviews and podcasts around key concepts in the world of crypto. Journeys are our attempt to turn these into lesson plans for those hoping to learn more about the crypto ecosystem.

Our first Journey is a big one, but it is focused on why we're here in crypto. It's a big list of some of our favorite podcasts and essays, so don't worry if you can't make it through them all in a weekend. Don't worry, you're still early, and you're on the right track! 💪

⚫️ Why go Bankless?

Bankless, at its core, is driven by a mission: to introduce and instill the principles and values of crypto economics into the minds of as many individuals as we can reach.

Why? Because we believe in the transformative power of these ideas. We see a future where traditional cultural and financial systems merge with the innovative world of cryptocurrency, and we want to be at the forefront of this evolution.

Our goal is not just to talk about these changes but to actively participate in shaping this future. By sharing knowledge, insights, and tools, we hope to accelerate the adoption of crypto technologies. And for those who are just beginning their journey into the world of cryptocurrency, we've crafted this guide, "Journey: Getting Started with Crypto." It's designed to be your compass, helping you begin to navigate and explore the vast frontier of crypto with confidence and capability.

So, whether you're a complete novice or someone with a budding interest, Bankless is here to empower you to be a part of the next digital revolution. If you follow through with these curated starter materials, you'll be caught up here in no time!

⚫️ Welcome to Bankless 2021 Edition

This episode marks the 1-year Anniversary of the Bankless Podcast. We sum up the show’s first nine episodes in this single canonical mega-podcast, updating our answers to the big questions – What does it mean to go Bankless? What is DeFi? How do I get started in crypto?

🎙 Welcome To Bankless | 2021 Edition on Bankless
What Does It Mean To Go Bankless? What Is DeFi? How Do I Get started?

⚫️ The Bankless Skill Cube

Every good training program includes a method. The Bankless Skill Cube is ours. Learn to navigate the brave new world of crypto through the lens of the Bankless Skill Cube, a map that preps you for the fundamentals of our space.

The Bankless Skill Cube on Bankless
A methodology to level up your open finance game

⚫️ What are Blockchains?

Delve into the foundational technology of crypto and understand the significance of immutable ledgers with this basic explainer video on blockchains.

⚫️ What is Decentralization?

Grasp why decentralization, as a technical and philosophical concept, is the beating heart of the crypto movement with this quick primer.

⚫️ What are Wallets?

In this video, get up to speed on the pivotal role of "wallets," which are special software apps or hardware devices that are used for managing and storing your crypto securely.

⚫️ What are Tokens?

In crypto, there are now thousands upon thousands of different tokens. But a "token" is distinct from a crypto like BTC or ETH. This short primer walks you through the basics of what actually makes a token a token.

⚫️ What are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts serve as the transformative core of decentralized finance. Dive into this video to learn the basics through a comparison of traditional contracts in finance and smart contracts in DeFi.

⚫️ Why is crypto revolutionary?

Like we say on Bankless, crypto is speed-running the history of money and finance. But it’s also speedrunning the history of human coordination structures. In this classic must-see episode, Josh Rosenthal drops a lot of relevant knowledge that has stuck with us ever since.

The Crypto Revolution on Bankless
Are you a loyalist or a revolutionary? You get to decide.

⚫️ What drives crypto?

Morgan Housel is a Partner at the Collaborative Fund, a financial writer, and the New York Times Best Selling author of “The Psychology of Money.” In this audience favorite, he delves into the main mindsets and emotions driving the crypto space.

137 - The Psychology of Crypto with Morgan Housel on Bankless
Morgan Housel is a Partner at the Collaborative Fund, a financial writer, and the New York Times Best Selling author of “The Psychology of Money.”

⚫️ What does crypto mean for ownership?

Li Jin is a prominent voice in the venture capital space, known for her deep insights into the future of work, the creator economy, and the potential of decentralized systems. In this enlightening episode, she explores the transformative concept of the Ownership Economy.

🎙 101 - The Ownership Economy | Li Jin on Bankless
How Everyone on the Internet will be an Owner and a Creator

⚫️ How do you make it in crypto?

Having immersed himself in crypto for a decade, Cobie is one of the legendary investors in the space and has no shortage of invaluable insights. In this episode, he discusses the keys to long-term survival in crypto but also delves into broader topics like decentralization and the future of our ecosystem.

🎙 100 - How to Survive in Crypto | Cobie on Bankless
The UpOnly Host Shares a Decade of Crypto Wisdom

⚫️ Why won't crypto investors give up?

Erik Voorhees, a revered figure and veteran in the crypto community, has long been at the forefront of advocating for open and permissionless systems. In this thought-provoking episode, Erik reflects on pivotal moments in crypto's journey, including his legendary debate with SBF.

151 - Why Are We Here? with Erik Voorhees on Bankless
Erik Voorhees is a crypto veteran of veterans. He’s one of the greatest advocates of open and permissionless systems that we have in this space.

⚫️ Why is crypto investing so volatile?

In this enlightening episode, Chris Burniske, a cofounder of Placeholder VC delves into the art and science of investing in crypto. Drawing parallels between surfing and capital deployment, he offers a fresh perspective on how to ride the waves of the crypto market.

156 - Investing in Waves with Chris Burniske on Bankless
Chris Burniske is Co-Founder of Placeholder VC, author of “Crypto-Assets,” and mentor to both David and Ryan. This is Chris’s third appearance on Bankless. He was first on three years ago for episode #20!

🏆 Congratulations on completing your first crypto journey!

This is just the beginning, as this guide is the inaugural edition of our new Bankless Journeys series. We have more primers in the pipeline, all designed to further enhance your understanding and exploration of the crypto universe. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for these upcoming releases!


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