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Why We Should Fight for Freedom of Speech | Greg Lukianoff

Is Our Freedom of Speech Under Threat?
Jun 21, 202401:34:51

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Why should we fight for Freedom of Speech?

That’s the question that Free Speech Lawyer and Writer Greg Lukianoff helps us answer today.

Using first principles, Greg goes deep into the importance of Freedom of Speech, “Free Speech Culture”, what happens to Free Speech when new technologies like the printing press and the internet are introduced, and how all this intersects with blockchains and crypto.


0:00 Intro

6:19 Defining Free Speech

15:59 Free Speech Origins

19:43 The Printing Press

37:11 The Constitution

39:50 Free Speech Culture

47:48 What Protects Free Speech

55:57 Generational Differences

1:09:17 Censorship Societies

1:16:29 The Internet

1:21:04 AI & Free Speech

1:23:04 Web2 Censorship

1:27:17 Freedom to Transact

1:36:38 Privacy

1:38:30 How to Get Involved

1:40:49 Closing & Disclaimer



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