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EXCLUSIVE: Balancer 🤝 Aave Partnership Chat | Stani Kulechov, Fernando Martenelli, and Dan Elitzer

In this special episode, we host a fireside chat between Stani Kulechov of Aave and Fernando Martinelli of Balancer, moderated by Dan Elitzer of Nascent.
Feb 26, 202101:09:28

Inside the episode


Stani Kulechov, Founder & CEO of Aave
Fernando Martinelli, Co-Founder & CEO of Balancer  
Dan Elitzer, Partner at Nascent

Recently, Aave and Balancer announced a joint-product called the Balancer V2 Asset Manager.

Dan Elitzer  is guest-hosting and moderating the conversation between Stani and Fernando. Dan is so stoked about this partnership that he wanted to moderate this fireside chat!

Mentioned in the show:
Dan’s foundation piece called Superfluid Collateral in DeFi

…and Aquaponic Yield Farming, which was basically the DeFi Summer roadmap.

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