Ethereum Won the Bull Market. Now ETH is Winning the Bear.

The winds are blowing in favor of Ether (ETH), the Ethereum Network's native asset!
Jan 14, 202300:13:4223,960 views

Inside the episode

Hot off a bull market, and weathering the bear, the sun is shining bright on the Ethereum community, even in crypto winter! We’ll soon be able to relish the collective bounty of Ultrasound Money, Eth burn, proof of stake and much more. Watch till the end


00:00 Intro

01:02 ETH vs BTC

02:22 Proof of Work

03:33 Ethereum Market Cycles

04:55 Ethereum Killers

05:22 Solana

06:41 Non-Ethereum Infrastructure

08:25 Community Vibes

09:48 Ether Supply

10:43 The Bull Catalyst

11:18 Ethereum Roadmap: Present Day

13:09 Outro

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