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The Ethereum Tree of Life
Published on Apr 12, 2024
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Memecoins Tumble
  1. 🐸 Memecoins tumble. Crypto markets had a rough Friday, but memecoins were hit particularly hard with WIF, PEPE and BONK all showing 25%+ drops.
  2. 🇭🇰 HK could approve spot ETFs next week. Hong Kong crypto ETFs for Bitcoin and Ethereum could be approved as soon as Monday.
  3. 🥷 DEX hacker sentenced. A U.S. judge sentenced a hacker who stole $12 million from two separate DEX hacks to three years in prison.
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UNI Takes an SEC Hit

📊 SEC Shakedown. The UNI token erased nearly $2B in market capitalization and is down more than 20% off this week’s announcement that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had sent the Protocol’s developer a Wells Notice. How will impending legal action impact the token going forward?

Prices as of 2pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.48T ↘ 4.7% ↘ 1.6%
BTC $65,928 ↘ 5.5% ↘ 2.0%
ETH $3,176 ↘ 9.3% ↘ 4.8%
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The Unified Architecture of Ethereum
Bankless Author: David Hoffman

Ethereum is a Root of Trust

Its design architecture preserves the fundamental commitments that the crypto industry makes to society. The average validating Joe can check the power of the experts and elites. Everyone has equal access to the system. No one is a privileged party. No one is enshrined. 

What core philosophies make the Ethereum L1 distinct from other players out there today?👇


Mass adoption of token-governed technologies. With Mantle Network – an Ethereum rollup, Mantle Treasury, and a token holder governed roadmap for products and initiatives.

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Crypto's Top Lawyers vs. The World

While there is always a lot of activity on Crypto Legal Front, this particular moment in time feels especially active. Today on the show, we have Jake Chervinsky and Amanda Tuminelli – two of crypto’s most impressive lawyers.

Every single court case brings new precedent and new clarity to the crypto space. The theme of this episode today might be… crypto bites back.

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