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ETH to $22k by 2030? | VanEck's Matthew Sigel

VanEck's extremely bullish ETH report
Jun 18, 202400:51:29

Inside the episode

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In this episode, David Hoffman is joined by Matthew Siegel, Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEck, to unpack VanEck's groundbreaking ETH 2030 report. They discuss the $154,000 bull case, $22,000 base case, and $340 bear case for Ethereum, and the factors behind these predictions.

Matthew dives deep into the role of ETH ETFs and shares insights into ETH's evolving narrative in institutional portfolios. He also provides interesting analogies and comparisons between ETH and Web 2.0, explaining how VanEck will help traditional investors understand and invest in ETH using these narratives and real market data.


0:00 Intro

7:16 VanEck Vibe Check ?

8:11 VanEck ETH 2030 Price Prediction Report

12:31 Last Year’s Report vs. Present Report

15:10 Ethereum Narrative For Retail

19:14 Pitching ETH To Customers

25:15 Parameters For Bear, Base & Bull?

28:49 What If ETH Reaches $154,000

32:31 ETH’s Most Bearish & Bullish Scenarios

33:40 Solana’s MEV vs. ETH’s MEV

41:28 BTC & ETH Allocation In Portfolio

45:59 Can Data Help Matthew Convince Customers?

49:30 $15B In ETF Assets

50:30 Closing & Disclosures


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