ETH Is NOT Ultrasound Money with Jon Charbonneau

In today's episode, Jon unpacks his relatively controversially titled new piece, "ETH Is Not Ultrasound Money: Part 1"
Feb 22, 202301:19:0057,437 views

Inside the episode

Is ETH doomed? Was Ultrasound money a myth? Tune in to hear Jon's arguments.


0:00 Intro

5:06 Jon's Argument

11:30 Triple Point Asset Thesis

17:52 ETH

18:53 The Disagreement

22:10 Semantics

26:40 Profit

30:00 PoW vs. PoS

33:15 Does Issuance Matter? & L1s & L2s

37:57 Blockchain Sustainability

42:00 Deflation vs. Inflation Value

47:50 How is Jon's Argument Bullish?

51:35 Alt L1s Issuance

59:20 Jon's Model Spreadsheet

1:17:53 Closing & Disclaimers


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