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ETH ETF: Bullish or Bearish? | Alex Thorn & Matt Hougan

$15 Billion ETH ETF Inflows?!
Jun 29, 202401:14:48

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Is the Ethereum ETF Bullish for ETH?

Matt Hougan and Alex Thorn put together their own analysis of inflows for the ETH ETF. Remarkably, their numbers came in somewhere close to the same place.

We discussed how much demand there will be for the ETH ETF, whether or not it will overperform or underperform expectations and the overall state of the Crypto Market today.


0:00 Intro

5:21 When ETH ETF?

10:18 Data Gathering Process

17:01 The BTC ETF Datapoint

27:20 Estimating ETH ETF Inflows

47:38 Price Impact

57:55 The ETH ETF Bear Case

1:08:32 Solana ETF?

1:11:03 The State of the Market

1:19:11 Closing & Disclaimers


Matt Hougan

Alex Thorn


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