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The ENSv2 Game Changer
Published on May 28, 2024
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The Sandbox DAO
  1. ⛰️ The Sandbox decentralizes. The virtual gaming platform just announced the launch of its own DAO, inviting its players to directly participate in steering the project going forward.
  2. 📢 Azuki casting call. The popular anime-themed collection just opened licensing submissions in a chance for its ecosystem holders to have their NFTs featured in an upcoming Azuki product.
  3. 😜 The new Pacmoon. The leading memecoin on the Blast L2 just announced its V2, which introduces Social Validators and the ability to earn $PAC by liking Pacmoon content.
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ENSv2: Bringing Ethereum Name Service to L2
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

With its NFT-powered domains, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has been a cornerstone of Ethereum’s app scene since its inception in 2017. 

Now, the protocol’s stewards at ENS Labs just introduced their biggest development proposal yet: ENSv2

This next-gen implementation would extend ENS to an as-yet selected Layer 2 (L2) network for reduced costs, faster transactions, and enhanced functionalities.

Here’s a breakdown of the system's basics and why it marks a significant leap forward! 👇


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via Surreal

There are so many NFT mints happening at any given time that it's hard to stay on top of it all.

One app that makes this discovery process easier, though? Surreal.

Currently available on Apple devices, Surreal is a hub for onchain discovery, from finding and watching onchain podcasts directly in your feed to minting the latest Zora drops.

I love these sorts of "frontends" for NFT creatives and collectors, the streamlining and slick app experience is nice. If you're an Apple user, check it out sometime and see what you think!

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