177 - AI is a Ticking Time Bomb with Connor Leahy

AI is here to stay, but at what cost?
Jun 23, 202301:44:04

Inside the episode

Connor Leahy is the CEO of Conjecture, a mission-driven organization that’s trying to make the future of AI go as well as it possibly can. He is also a Co-Founder of EleutherAI, an open-source AI research non-profit lab.

In today’s episode, Connor and David cover:

1) The intuitive arguments behind the AI Safety debate

2) The two defining categories of ways AI could end all of humanity

3) The major players in the race towards AGI, and why they all seem to be ideologically motivated, rather than financially motivated

4) Why the progress of AI power is based on TWO exponential curves

5) Why Connor thinks government regulation is the easiest and most effective way of buying us time


0:00 Intro

3:12 AI Alignment Importance

9:40 Finding Neutrality

14:16 AI Doom Scenarios

21:06 How AI Misalignment Evolves

25:56 The State of AI Alignment

32:07 The AI Race Trap

41:49 Motivations of the AI Race

56:18 AI Regulation Efforts

1:14:28 How AI Regulation & Crypto Compare

1:21:44 AI Teachings of Human Coordination

1:36:53 Closing & Disclaimers


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