161 - The Smart Money is Here with Eric Peters

Eric Peters operates one of the largest institutional crypto hedge funds in the world. What do the institutions think of our little crypto asset class? Are they running for the hills?
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Mar 3, 202301:49:08

Inside the episode

Eric Peters is the Founder, CIO of One River Asset Management–his fund has made some of the largest institutional investments in crypto ever..including one purchase of over $600 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum. When we think institutional crypto, we think Eric Peters.

His first appearance on Bankless was in October 2021…we brought him back to catch us up on the current institutional thesis for crypto.


0:00 Intro

9:51 Still Bullish?

16:42 Was FTX Surprising? Institutions Reaction

25:14 FTX Red Flags

33:00 3 Arrows Capital

41:40 Philosophy of Investment Decisions

47:36 What Should Regulators Do?

58:20 Was Crypto 2022 Worth It?

1:04:30 Ego

1:09:54 Institutional Exposure to Crypto

1:18:40 Reports

1:24:04 Institutional Exposure to Crypto

1:30:05 2023 Macro Outlook

1:37:22 A Decade Later

1:40:37 Closing & Disclaimers


Eric Peters
Eric’s 1st Appearance on Bankless

One River Digital Assets Research

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