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162 - The Coinbase Long Game with Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is the CEO and Founder of Coinbase. Coinbase started in 2012 as simply a custodial Bitcoin wallet and has grown into the massively successful publicly traded company that we know today.
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Mar 10, 202301:28:35

Inside the episode

In this episode, we go over everything you wanted to know from Brian—his reflections on 2022 and his outlook on crypto moving forward. We cover the regulatory situation in America, how SBF infiltrated our halls of power, why Coinbase launched a chain in the worst regulatory environment we’ve ever seen, Wall Street’s understanding of Coinbase, and Brian’s best advice for the settlers and builders sticking around during this crypto winter.

The last time we had Brian on the podcast was in November of 2021. We’ve come such a long way since then…and more recently, he also hopped into a livestream with us in the middle of the FTX collapse last November. It was so good to have him back on, enjoy!


0:00 Intro

8:18 Learnings From 2022

13:05 Brian’s Thoughts on SBF

14:37 FTX’s Affect on Coinbase

19:44 Crypto’s Backlash

24:06 SBF’s Sneaky Political Game

28:55 The Optimistic Long Game

32:29 Organizing Voters & Crypto 435

38:50 Staking, Derivatives, & Crypto Securities

43:42 Why U.S. Crypto Regulation is Bad

46:38 Stabelcoins

53:17 Coinbase’s L2 Base

59:28 Coinbase’s Long Game

1:02:38 The Future Products of Base

1:07:25 Coinbase’s NFT Platform

1:10:41 Base Token?!

1:11:22 Does Wall Street Understand $COIN?

1:15:52 5-10 Year Coinbase Vision

1:17:45 Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS)

1:21:17 One River Acquisition

1:23:55 Decentralizing Coinbase

1:26:00 Crypto in 2030

1:28:20 Were Brians's Crypto Expectations Met?

1:30:06 Advice to Builders

1:32:34 Closing, Action Items, & Disclaimers


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