The New American Surveillance State | Byron Tau

Are they watching?
May 18, 202401:28:26

Inside the episode

Are we being watched?

That’s the question we ask Byron Tau, an investigative journalist and author of “Means of Control'' that covers all about the US surveillance state.

Turns out the US Government has a digital dossier of every citizen, but how? How do they collect the data? How are they using it? Can we ever get back our digital privacy?

Expect to learn all that and much more in what is a deep dive into digital surveillance.


0:00 Intro

1:49 State of Surveillance

9:31 Content vs Metadata

15:23 The Surveillance Industry

31:00 Total Information Awareness

44:28 Is the Gov Using Data Against Us?

47:48 Privacy Protections

1:00:07 The Role of Encryption

1:12:26 Surveillance Abroad

1:16:47 US vs China

1:20:42 Surveillance in Crypto

1:25:47 Closing & Disclaimers


Byron Tau


Means of Control by Byron Tau


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