133 - Flashbots Saves Crypto with Stephane Gosselin

Stephane Gosselin is the Founder of Flashbots, an R&D organization that’s trying to fix the most pernicious problem in crypto—the problem of MEV (Maximum Extractable Value).
Aug 20, 202201:33:07

Inside the episode

Many of us are massively optimistic about crypto and aren’t worried too much about its future. However, this MEV thing could be our achilles heel.

On this episode, we dive into what Stephane and his team are doing to make MEV less of a potential weak point, how MEV works, and what our industry would look like if Flashbots didn't exist. And of course—so much more.

This is another fundamental Bankless episode that you won’t want to miss.


0:00 Intro

9:28 MEV Explained & Its Importance

13:35 The Evil Side of MEV

21:26 MEV Utopia vs. Dystopia

28:54 Competitiveness, Market Structure, Equilibrium

32:10 MEV Supply Chain Crashcourse

37:24 Timeline

38:56 Flashbots Thesis

42:31 No MEV Geth Scenario

45:15 Flashbots Continued

49:10 Solutions

51:15 MEV Boost

1:00:18 MEV Boost Adoption

1:05:10 Differences in Staking APY

1:08:20 Flashbots Incentives

1:12:57 Infinite Problems to be Solved?

1:14:35 PBS

1:17:54 Relayer Role

1:20:05 Weird MEV Potential Merge Issues?

1:22:40 Byproducts of MEV Boost

1:27:17 New Builder Market Speculation

1:31:15 Stephane’s Optimism

1:32:55 Closing & Disclaimer


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