173 - CZ & the State of Binance

We welcome back Founder and CEO of Binance, CZ for his second appearance on Bankless. The last time CZ was on, Terra Luna hadn’t collapsed yet and FTX was still competing with Binance. A lot has changed.
May 27, 202300:59:321,702,935 views

Inside the episode

In today’s episode, we cover it all. Here were some of the questions we discussed:

1) How can we tell what’s real vs. FUD with Binance?

2) What Happened with FTX from CZ’s perspective?

3) The difference between the current bear market vs. previous ones

4) Community questions from Justin Drake & Degen Spartan


0:00 Intro

6:54 How’s CZ 2023?

8:35 Why is Binance a FUD Magnet?

10:52 FTX & Ledger

16:57 Binance Transparency

26:40 Current Mood of Crypto

29:35 Another Cycle?

30:58 Binance’s Bear Market Strategy

36:44 Crypto’s Biggest Opportunity

39:48 Why Crypto Is Good for the World

42:06 The Exchange Wars

48:49 Best Regulation Jurisdictions  

51:48 Justin Drake Question

54:00 Will Binance Buy a Bank?

56:30 BNB Chain Rollup on Ethereum?

59:13 CZ’s Thoughts on Twitter Post-Elon

1:00:36 CZ’s Bear Market Advice

1:04:46 Closing & Disclaimers




CZ’s 1st Bankless Appearance


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