Dear Bankless Nation,

Bear market builders are shooting their shot and bear market users should do the same.

In our newly launched Airdrop Hunter product, we're highlighting a number of fresh Layer-2 blockchains that are potentially ripe for airdropped token allocations. Check out this month's additions to Airdrop Hunter! 🫑

-Bankless team

The Modular L2 Airdrop Opportunity

Bankless Writer: Jack Inabinet | disclosures

Our Airdrop Hunter launch last month was a pretty massive success, thousands of you have completed Quests for various protocols. We want everyone in the Bankless Nation to check out what we've built though!

We've added a half-dozen new protocols to Airdrop Hunter this month. The best place to see all of our content is the actual product on We promise it's worth logging in for! (pro tip: log-in with your wallet for the most seamless experience)

But, for those of you who need a little more convincing, we've embedded a few of the alpha-bits below for one of our latest additions to Airdrop Hunter – Mantle.

Let's get to hunting!

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🟒 Mantle

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About Mantle

Mantle is a modular layer 2 that separates settlement and consensus from the data availability layers powered by Optimism's previous codebase, the Optimism Virtual Machine. Like many rollups, Mantle will serve as the execution layer and rely on Ethereum for consensus and settlement. In a departure from traditional rollup architecture, Mantle will outsource data availability to EigenLayer's EigenDA service once it is live to reduce the costs of transaction data storage and lower transaction fees.

Why we're watching

Nearly half (49%) of the MNT token supply will be held in reserve by the community treasury. While there is currently no plan to distribute these tokens, Mantle intends to drive user adoption by implementing user incentive strategies. Participating in these incentive programs could help you receive tokens. Additionally, a strong precedent exists for rollups to airdrop tokens to early users; Mantle may follow in the footsteps of L2 giants Arbitrum and Optimism and attempt to emulate the network effects their airdrops produced.

How to boost your airdrop chances

As we said, the best way to navigate our airdrop guides is by checking out Airdrop Hunter; here's a screenshot of the expanded view of the first of 5 Quests! Protocols always want to see some network participation from the users they airdrop to, so you'll want to get started off right. In Airdrop Hunter, we guide you through everything you need to get onboard.

Mantle is a fascinating network with some interesting dapps to check out. We walk you through the best opportunities to seize on. You can dig into the 5 listed Quests by becoming a paying subscriber and checking out the full page on Airdrop Hunter 😎

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