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Does Crypto's Top AI Project Work?
Published on Apr 4, 2024
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L2s to $1 Trillion?
  1. 📈 L2s to boom? In a new report, VanEck analysts predicted that the valuation of Ethereum's Layer 2 ecosystem could grow past $1T by 2030, driven by future cash flows.
  2. 💸 PYUSD goes global. PayPal announced that U.S. clients can now use its stablecoin for fee-free international transfers via Xoom to 160 countries, aiming to undercut high global transfer costs.
  3. 🌾 Pendle cracks $4B. Pendle, one of the hottest yield platforms in DeFi, is now decidedly one of the space's largest projects upon breaching through $4B in total value locked (TVL).
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DeFi Rides the Ethena Wave

📊 Synthetic Dollar Surge. Ethena’s assets are being rapidly adopted across crypto! Why are protocols desperate to incorporate USDe, and what impacts have integrations had on token price?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.54T ↗ 2.7% ↘ 4.5%
BTC $67,796 ↗ 3.0% ↘ 4.3%
ETH $3,330.39 ↗ 0.6% ↘ 7.0%
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Does Crypto's Top AI Project Even Work?
Bankless Author: Arjun Chand

AI x Crypto is the talk of the town. It’s one of the hottest investment themes of this bull market.

Bittensor (TAO) is one of the leading projects of the AI narrative, both in terms of market cap and mindshare. But recently, there’s been a bit of a stir on Crypto Twitter about its utility, with some even calling it vaporware and a pointless exercise in decentralization.

But hey, there are always two sides to every coin. While critics have been vocal about their doubts concerning Bittensor and its design, we're focusing on the brighter side today. Let's dig in 👇


Kraken is one of the largest and most secure crypto platforms in the world. They've been in the crypto game for over a decade, and now they're inviting us all on a journey to see what crypto can be.

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The Summer of Protocols Episode

Summer of Protocols is an ongoing research and evangelism effort that aims to catalyze broad interest in the study of protocols as a first-class concept for thinking about the world.

To explain a little more about what Summer of Protocols is all about, we brought Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation and Venkat Rao of the Ribbonfarm blog on the podcast. Additionally, this episode contains three short interviews with 3 of the 35 total Summer of Protocols researchers. 

 Click in for the full analysis 👇

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