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David Hoffman Joins Solana as VP of Decentralization

Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Apr 1, 20242 min read
David Hoffman Joins Solana as VP of Decentralization

BROOKLYN, New York — Bankless Co-owner David Hoffman has announced his resignation from Bankless, effective immediately, in order to take a full-time position at the Solana Foundation as its first “VP of Decentralization.

“We really wanted to increase our decentralization, so who better to bring aboard than one of Ethereum’s most technical podcasters,” said Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko. “Who knows – maybe he can make our money more ultrasound.”

“I just really want to help Solana decentralize,” said Hoffman in a tweet announcing his new role. “This goes beyond Nakamoto coefficients for me; this is about actually making a difference. Anybody with a data center should be able to run a Solana validator.”

(left to right) Yakovenko, Federa & Hoffman.

“It turns out David was a huge Solana fan this whole time, and I had no idea,” said Bankless co-founder Ryan Sean Adams. “I should have known after he came back from that Solana conference. His talking about ‘centralization shortcuts’ and constantly bringing up ‘Solana outages’ on the podcast was just his way of sending me hints.”

“I’ll admit, the large SOL bag for compensation was also a huge factor in my decision,” Hoffman added. “I didn’t buy a truckload at $10, so I’m grateful for the second opportunity to get my hands on the future money of planet earth”

When asked for comment, Anthony Sassano of the Daily Gwei said, "I applaud David for his courage to take on this new position at the Solana Foundation. Despite their differences, David and the manlets both enjoy offending ETH Maxis, so culturally it’s a great fit.”

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