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Crypto Social Goes ZK
Published on May 16, 2024
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Pengu Partnership
  1. 🐧 Pudgy Penguins big deal. The Pudgys creators revealed they have entered into a strategic partnership with Lotte Group, a move designed to expand the project's presence in South Korea.
  2. 🟠 Nftperp taps Bitcoin. The NFT derivatives exchange announced an expansion into the Bitcoin ecosystem, starting with Pre-Launch Vaults for Bitcoin Puppets and NodeMonkes holders.
  3. 🤖 OpenAI x Reddit. AI powerhouse OpenAI announced a partnership with Reddit that will see the social networking giant's content brought into ChatGPT and future products.
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Understanding Validiums and Volitions
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

Lens is an open social network project that, along with Warpcast and, is among the biggest names in the contemporary crypto social scene.

To date, Lens has relied on an infra combo of Polygon and Momoka, the latter being a bespoke data availability solution, to power its decentralized app ecosystem. 

That’s why Lens made waves this week when it announced it was building a new chain, Lens Network, to support its future via zkSync’s ZK Stack framework. 

This new network will start as a Layer 2 (L2) solution known as a validium and later evolve into a volition. Many people don’t know exactly what these solutions are and why they matter, so let’s break them down 👇


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I'm a sucker for Fall Guys. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a cross-platform battle royale where players compete in adorable mini-games.

That's why PuffGo, a mobile battle royale in this exact same style, caught my eye this week.

The game's creators Puffverse have migrated the title from BNB Chain to the Axie Infinity ecosystem's Ronin chain, and it's now downloadable for Android users in the Mavis Hub.

You'll need a Ronin wallet to dive in, but I think anyone would find it fun, and the game also just kicked off a rewards program to sweeten the play. Check it out!

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Relay Swaps

Relay by the Reservoir team is one of my favorite L2 bridges, as it's super fast and has always worked like a charm for me.

That said, the builders just rolled out a new feature in beta that is super nifty: Relay Swaps.

Instead of bridging ETH onto a chain and then trading into your desired token, Swaps makes it easy to hop straight into your target asset from one chain to another, e.g. from Ethereum to OP Mainnet.

If you find yourself adventuring around L2s a lot these days, this is a great resource to have in your toolbox—keep an eye out for more chains and tokens to be added in the weeks ahead!

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