Crypto in 2022: CONTAGION and FRAUD

Could crypto really just be a giant scam?
Jan 14, 202300:21:21

Inside the episode

Courtesy of a series of ponzi schemes and failed crypto exchanges, 2022 has many people scratching their headsโ€”how could this have happened? As the dust settles on this historic year, we're figuring out what really happened in crypto in 2022... and how we can avoid falling into this trap again!


0:00 Intro

0:53 The Players

2:04 3AC and the GBTC Premium

5:10 Rise of Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX

6:10 FTX and Alameda Research

6:37 Inflation Ends the Bull Run

7:25 Terra Luna: Rise and Fall

8:56 The Contagion Starts

9:45 SBF Saves the Day?

10:50 Alameda's Balance Sheet


14:00 Genesis and DCG Contagion

14:57 How this Happened

15:45 DeFi Still Works

16:57 SEC Accountability

18:50 Federal Reserve Interest Rates

19:00 Lessons learned

20:20 Outro

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