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Jack Inabinet Jack Inabinet Apr 7, 20231 min read

Last updated April 7th, 2023

Name: Caviar
Status: Unconfirmed 🚫
Confidence: Low
Sector: NFT Marketplace
Chains: ETH

Why we're watching:
There are not token or governance references in the whitepaper, however, Caviar is an extremely new protocol, deploying mainnet in February. Many protocols develop product prior to announcing airdrop/token roadmaps. With Blur and SudoSwap's recent drops, there is substantial precedent for community token allocation via airdrop.

What is it?
Caviar is an innovative NFT Marketplace that replaces the traditional NFT order book model with an ERC20-like constant product AMM that offers shared and custom pools.

NFTs in shared pools are automatically categorized by desirability into four categories by Caviar: Floor, Mid, Rare, and Grail. Traders can buy or sell into these pools and LPs receive fees on swaps. Custom pools allow the creator to set custom pool parameters, providing greater control over the trading process. Caviar also allows for the fractionalization of NFTs, providing further liquidity to holders.

Maximize your eligibility by:
Trading NFTs on Caviar
Providing liquidity on Caviar
Fractionalizing NFTs on Caviar

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