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Caching PRIME for PROMPT
Published on June 13, 2024
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Pleasr's Big Drop
  1. 💽 Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. PleasrDAO released an encrypted version of the Wu-Tang Clan's legendary album on Base, with each $1 mint moving forward the record's original 2103 release date by 88 seconds.
  2. 🦉 Moonbirds art update. Yuga Labs rolled out new illustrations for Moonbirds, marking the return of IP rights to the collection's holders after the original pixel art was made CC0 in 2022.
  3. ⚡️ Meet Zapper Protocol. Crypto portfolio hub Zapper just introduced an onchain context protocol, powered by ZAP tokens, for crowdsourced interpretations of Ethereum data.
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Caching PRIME for PROMPT? The Wayfinder AI Opp
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

Parallel is a trading card game (TCG) where players control unique factions in sci-fi battles. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s one of the few S-tier titles in the crypto gaming scene today.

Yet the builders are cooking up much more than just the main TCG, like Parallel Colony, an AI-driven survival sim game, and Wayfinder, an AI agents protocol designed to support Colony’s gameplay. 

PROMPT is the utility and governance token for the new Wayfinder ecosystem, and nearly half of its supply is slated to be distributed to people who stake, a.k.a cache, Parallel’s native PRIME token within Wayfinder.

So what does caching entail, and what are the main considerations around PROMPT? Let’s break down all the basics! 👇


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Floor dApp Launcher

Floor's motto? Your onchain everything app.

My take? Floor is a slick crypto wallet that has particularly doubled down on great UX around minting and collecting NFTs.

Take note, then, because the project just launched its dApp Launcher, a resource for simply interacting with crypto apps, e.g. games like Fren Pet.

I know there are many wallets out there these days, but I've long been impressed with Floor's quality, and this dApp Launcher makes the app that much more attractive. It's worth a look if you're ever on the hunt for a new personal crypto hub!

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