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Bitcoin Bounces Back
Published on May 3, 2024
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BTC Bounces Back
  1. 🧡 Bitcoin bounces back. Crypto markets undid a couple grim days with BTC touching above $63K on Friday after a broader rally of risk-on assets.
  2. 🎰 ZKasino arrest. A 26yo man believed to be the founder of VC-backed crypto gambling startup ZKasino was arrested on suspected fraud charges and had 11.4 million euros in assets seized.
  3. ⬛️ Block buying more BTC. Dorsey’s payments company Block is planning to use 10% of gross profits from its crypto business to make BTC buys every month this year.
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Good Bad News for Crypto

📊 Back already? Risk assets pumped this morning following weaker-than-expected employment with Bitcoin up 5%, a surge directly attributable to the increased probability of steeper and sooner interest rate cuts. Why is bad news good for your bags?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.32T ↗ 4.4% ↘ 1.7%
BTC $62,653 ↗ 5.8% ↘ 2.2%
ETH $3,110 ↗ 3.6% ↘ 1.3%
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Your Free Tokens Are Not Available
Bankless Author: Jack Inabinet

EigenLayer’s token drop was announced on Monday, but plenty of users across the globe were disgruntled that the claim page for EIGEN is "Not Available" to them.

Who can't claim? Not only are residents from a expansive list of nations including the U.S. banned from claiming EIGEN, the claims site explicitly blocks users from interacting with the frontend via VPN or other proxy technologies!

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The Battle Between VCs & Retail

Are crypto VCs and retail investors sworn enemies in this cycle?

Today we explore the frontier of Venture Capitalists vs Retail Investors, are they at war? That’s exactly what we debate on the show with crypto writer and VC Regan Bozman.

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