Base's Buzzy AI Play
Published on June 4, 2024
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BAYC Back at Auction
  1. 🖼️ Apes go to auction. On June 18, Sotheby’s will auction off Bored Apes, including the gold-furred Ape #8552, previously owned by the bankrupt Three Arrows Capital. The auction will test the fine art market's appetite for Ape-themed assets, with previous gold-furred Apes fetching high prices.
  2. 🏀 Dapper Labs settles lawsuit. Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Top Shot, settled a years-long lawsuit for $4M with customers who claimed Top Shot NFTs were illegally offered securities.
  3. 💰 Stashh’s new fundraising round. Stashh Labs raised $3.3M from investors, including Animoca, 6th Man Ventures, and Shima Capital, for its Stashh 2.0 NFT marketplace. The marketplace will boast new features like encrypted NFTs, unlockable content, access control, and identity management.
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Onchain Gaias Explained
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

The Base NFT scene is still wide open. It’s a ripe time for an NFT collection to rise up and become the L2’s dominant profile picture (PFP) project. 

The collection with the best prospects for this ascendancy over the next six months? In my opinion, it’s Onchain Gaias

Onchain Gaias isn’t just a plain old PFP project—it’s already got the makings of a cult following, and it’s working at the crossroads of AI, games, and Farcaster in a way the crypto space hasn’t seen before. 

As the collection’s art reveal is nearing and with its AI efforts ramping up, it’s an interesting time to take a closer look at these uber-PFPs. 

Here’s everything you need to know about these promising Base NFTs! 👇 


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Got an old stash of Pokémon cards lying around and wouldn’t mind slapping them onchain? Then you ought to consider Courtyard!

Deployed on Polygon, Courtyard is a tokenization platform specializing in physical collectibles, namely graded trading cards. The underlying assets are secured in Brink’s vaults and then represented onchain by minting them as NFTs. This model allows you to buy and sell with quick liquidity and benefit from earning 1% of every future sale of any collectibles you tokenize.

The initial shipping and authentication process will take a little time, but afterward you can own and manage your cards onchain however you see fit. If nothing else, it’s an interesting resource to be aware of!

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