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Async Blueprints explained

Async Art releases a new generative art template system for artists!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Dec 14, 20213 min read
Async Blueprints explained

Dear Bankless Nation,

The team that’s brought us Async Art and Async Music just unveiled a powerful new tool for Web3 creators.

That tool is Async Blueprints.

Through Blueprints, artists can easily create generative art projects, notably beginning with profile picture collections. Yet pfp NFTs are just the start, as the new template system can be used much more expansively in the future.

Let’s walk through the ins and outs of the new release and highlight a few things us NFTers can keep an eye out for going forward.


Inside Async Blueprints

Image via Async Art

Async Art is the NFT ecosystem’s leading programmable art platform. Through its Async Canvas creator portal, the project offers artists a streamlined suite of tools and templates for creating dynamic artworks via layer tokens.

Async Art has previously published templates like “Day / Night” and “24-Hour,” which make it simple to create works that evolve according to time-based rules. Set to launch to public collectors on Dec. 15th, Blueprints is the newest Canvas template, and its focus is on helping artists easily create limited-edition generative art collections.

How Blueprints works

Now, as an Async artist, you have a brand new all-in-one tool to effectively build a generative project without requiring a team of coders, developers, and technologists. As the artist, the authority is in your hands.” — Sophie Sturdevant

Async Blueprints is a no-code generative art creator system.

To build a collection using this template, artists create an original “blueprint” of content, from which collectors can mint limited-edition and mixed-rarity NFTs in a provably random way.

At launch, Blueprints supports up to 30 different types and up to 80 different layer states. It also supports “legendary” editions within collections, e.g. video support for the rarest pieces.

Notably, all Async creators can access the tool as of tomorrow and prepare for publishing collections after Jan. 1st, 2022. Async Blueprints won’t initially support music projects, though the builders have said they plan to make such support a reality in the months ahead.

Also, note that there’s no reason this system has to be limited to pfps going forward. Async Art itself has indicated much larger things lie ahead, e.g. “interoperable world-making.”

The first collections

For the launch of Blueprints, Async Art partnered with three acclaimed cryptoartists. The artists and collections are as follows:

Just be cautious, as scammers like to try and take advantage of the early excitement around these sorts of drops. If you’re interested in exploring Blueprints, make sure you’re on the correct link / the real OpenSea secondary market. Watch out for copycats!

Zooming out

Regarding the “big picture” of Blueprints, Conlan Rios — co-founder and CEO of Async Art — told me today:

Generative projects until now have been gated to creators with deep technical knowledge or developer support. They can be fairly expensive to build as well.

With Async Blueprints we're enabling any creator to make these and are excited to see where they take it, as it's only when a medium becomes ubiquitous can it truly be innovated on and evolve.

Async Art continues to push for being the best creator platform for making dynamic and interactive NFTs. This template launch is 1 of 3 sequential phases that will be revealed in Q1 and Q2 of 2022.

Action steps

  • Check out the new Async Blueprints dashboard
  • Ready my earlier post on Async Music if you haven’t before!

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