Are NFTs Securities? with Brian Frye

David has been obsessed with this topic for the last couple weeks.
Jan 3, 202301:21:46

Inside the episode

It's time to get to the bottom of this: Are NFTs securities?

On the way down this rabbit hole, we found lawyer Brian Frye, who has some fascinating and novel takes on this very issue.

Brian is a law professor at the University of Kentucky, and recently wrote an article in Coindesk titled NFTs Are Securities and Itโ€™s Great.


0:00 Intro

7:30 Are All NFTs Securities?

14:00 Triggered by the Word

19:30 Trolling the SEC

29:20 A Really Good Tool

36:00 New Securities

44:55 Use a Different Term

53:30 Creative Assets

1:01:00 Copyright Law and Clout Sales

1:09:30 A Medium of Value Capture

1:14:00 Public Goods

1:19:00 Closing


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