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Are Bitcoin L2s Real? with David Seroy (Bitcoin Dave)

How close are they really?
Feb 21, 202401:04:39

Inside the episode

On today’s episode we have Bitcoin wizard, David Seroy on the show! He’s an armchair researcher in the Bitcoin rollup ecosystem. He really likes Bitcoin, and he really likes projects that are building on Bitcoin.

We’ve got a lot of questions on Bitcoin today, especially those that revolve around Bitcoin L2s. Are they real? David’s got answers.


0:00 Intro

9:18 Bitcoin L2 Rollup Support?

12:56 Bitcoin Renaissance?

19:07 ETH vs. Bitcoin Scalability

21:18 Why The Bitcoin Community

25:34 The Bitcoin Rollup Pitch

30:14 Explaining Bitcoin Rollups

38:39 BitVM

47:03 Are L2s on Bitcoin’s Blockchain?

56:13 Exciting Bitcoin Projects

59:32 Are There More Bitcoin Daves?

1:02:53 Closing & Disclaimers


David Seroy (Bitcoin Dave)

BitVM whitepaper

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