The Bull Case for zkBTC

In this episode, David is joined by John Light of Sovryn and Eric Wall, who moonlights David on the Bitcoin technical details throughout the interview.
Nov 18, 202201:18:57

Inside the episode

The three go over the bull case for ZK-Rollups on Bitcoin. It’s undoubtedly the frontier.


0:00 Intro

5:10 John’s Background

8:24 How zkBTC Works?

11:00 Eric’s Interest

15:43 A Better Lightning Network?

21:33 Rollups on ETH vs. Lightning Network

25:50 Rollup Potential

29:24 Optimism

32:15 Expressivity

43:53 Limitless Bitcoin Applications

46:29 Layer 3 Protocols

50:25 What Needs to Happen

52:05 Forks & Flippening Effects

58:00 Proof Systems & Recursive Covenants

1:09:40 Next Steps

1:12:00 Research

1:14:12 Eric’s Thoughts on Bitcoin

1:16:50 Closing & Disclaimers


John Light

Eric Wall

Validity Rollups on Bitcoin

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