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Remixing NFTs with AI 📱

Inside SOURCE, a new NFT remixing tool!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Aug 1, 20234 min read
Remixing NFTs with AI 📱

Dear Bankless Nation,

Right now I’m all eyes on TITLES, which just launched SOURCE.

What’s SOURCE? An AI-powered NFT remixer tool with an attribution and payments system caked into it, built on Ethereum!

The app has great potential for onchain creatives, but it’s also a taste of what’s to come at the AI x NFT crossroads. Let’s catch you up on the basics here for today’s post 👇


A new SOURCE of NFT creativity 💫


What is TITLES ❓

TITLES is an up-and-coming platform for discovering, remixing, and publishing cryptomedia on Ethereum.

The latest of the project’s releases is SOURCE, a mobile app the team first introduced in February 2023 as a discovery tool for NFT mints, buys, and sells.
Since then, TITLES has expanded SOURCE into a full-fledged, AI-powered creator suite that makes it easy for artists and collectors alike to remix and publish NFTs in new forms. Today, August 1st, the team launched the SOURCE beta in limited access, meaning new batches of users will be let in weekly.

SOURCE explained 🎨

SOURCE is an “Adobe-style” creativity suite for all things related to onchain media.

Firstly, it provides a discovery feed of current NFT happenings on Ethereum — anything from burns to sells — so users can save their favorite assets for later remixing.

Another core pillar of the tooling is its AI-driven image editor, which allows for various things like blending the visuals of multiple NFTs, style transfers, and so forth.

Next up is the underlying Ethereum-based remixing protocol, which facilitates programmatic splits of ETH to any creators whose assets were used during a remix. Here the creator takes 70%, while 30% gets divided up among the makers of sampled assets.
Lastly, there’s the mobile-optimized ERC-721 publishing smart contracts of SOURCE, which let you tailor and mint your remixed creations to your liking, such as by setting the number of pieces, pricing, per-wallet collection limits, and so forth.

What they’re saying 💬

Today, just about every artist is worried about how they maintain attribution in an AI-first creative world. TITLES is building a protocol and creative suite that leverages Ethereum as the attribution and payment rails for creative media. Our vision is to create a community-powered ecosystem of models and media that provides everyone with free access to the world's most powerful and culturally relevant creative tooling.” — The TITLES team, in a statement shared with Metaversal

Zooming out 🔍

There are apps out there like starryai built on top of text-to-image AI models like Stable Diffusion that make interacting with these models simple, since not many people want to go through the trouble of running these models locally on their computers.

In a similarly useful way, the image editor system at the heart of SOURCE is created on top of AI models and is easy-to-use, yet the tooling here is focused specifically on NFTs, and it uniquely has a whole Ethereum-based attribution and payments system built around it.

As such, the SOURCE app appears to be the first of its kind in the cryptoeconomy, akin to a cross between an NFT discovery app, an NFT minting platform, and services like Adobe and starryai all at once.

The beta just dropped in limited access, so there’s still plenty of work to do ahead, but I do think the arrival of SOURCE marks the beginning of a new AI x NFT product category in the cryptoart vertical.

Looking ahead, the TITLES team plans to partner with artists and collections in the space to roll out new bespoke AI-powered image models for further creative possibilities in the SOURCE image editor. These new models will be free to use and will track the model creators so the SOURCE remix protocol can make them part owners for any new works made via their contributions.

Want to try? 👇

If you’re interested in taking SOURCES for a spin, TITLES has kindly made 50 beta slots available to Metaversal readers, available to claim here.

Note: right now in this beta phase you’ll first need to have the TestFlight app tester installed on an Apple device to proceed, and these slots are available on a first come, first serve basis, so they may all be gone once you check! For those that get in early, happy remixing.

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