AI and Web3 | Mohamed Fouda & Qiao Wang of Alliance

AI is exploding into every facet of the internet. The convergence of Crypto and AI is inevitable, and we bring on Qiao Wang and Mohamed Fouda to discuss the opportunities and challenges this presents.
May 3, 202301:11:16

Inside the episode

Mohamed and Qiao explore why Web3 provides an interesting platform for AI, such as payment and execution rails for AI agents, easy access to financial tools, and the ability to commission resources permissionlessly.

One example of this is AutoGPT, which uses AI to generate code for on-chain smart contracts.How do we balance caution and optimism? How can we surf this tidal wave of innovation and new frontiers?


Qiao Wang https://twitter.com/QwQiao

Mohamed Fouda https://twitter.com/mohamedffouda

Alliance https://alliance.xyz/

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