A New Kind of Bull Market? ($)

gm Bankless Citizens... And back to your regularly scheduled bull run!
Bankless Bankless Nov 15, 20233 min read
A New Kind of Bull Market? ($)
A New Kind of Bull Market?
Published on Nov 15, 2023
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gm Bankless Nation,
... And back to your regularly scheduled bull run!

Today's issue ⬇️

  1. ☀️ Need to Know: CBDC Slowdown
    Thankfully, a US CBDC isn't close.
  2. 📊 Today in Markets: BTC Back
    Yesterday's slide gets erased.
  3. 🗞️ David's Takes: A Different Bull?
    This feels like a different bull market.
  4. 🎧 Latest Pod: Wen ETH Pump?
    Why is ETH's pump lagging?
  5. ⛏️ Take Action: What We're Doing
    Crypto market opps that we're watching closely. Citizens only 😎

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CBDC Slowdown
  1. 🪙 CBDCs not coming soon. A Bank of America report details that CBDCs are a long way off despite real Fed Reserve interest.
  2. ❎ OKX planning L2. The 6th largest crypto exchange wants in on L2s, announcing an effort called "X1" built on Polygon's CDK.
  3. 💰 Blockchain.com raises. The exchange is reportedly raising $110M at a $7B valuation, half of what it raised at in 2022.
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BTC Strikes Back

📈 Crypto Bounces Back: Last Thursday, crypto pumped on news that BlackRock was filing for a spot Ether ETF, but tokens have been caught in a downtrend since! Today, crypto majors are putting in defiant green candles and retracing yesterday’s sizable losses...

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.43T ↗ 5.2% ↗ 6.7%
BTC $37,673 ↗ 5.9% ↗ 5.8%
ETH $2,047 ↗ 3.3% ↗ 8.4%
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A Different Bull Market?
Bankless Author: David Hoffman

Apparently, it’s a bull market. That’s what everyone is saying, at least.

But there’s something different about this bullish sentiment from previous cycles, and it’s worth identifying...

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Kraken is one of the largest and most secure crypto platforms in the world. They've been in the crypto game for over a decade, and now they're inviting us all on a journey to see what crypto can be.

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When Will $ETH Pump?

Why is ETH lagging behind other assets, and where do we go next? How should ETH maxis be navigating the bull market?

In the latest episode of Bankless Takes, David and Ryan talk through the big questions on crypto investor minds 👇

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What We're Doing
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