$30k BTC & Beyond? BlackRock Bitcoin ETF with Austin Campbell

What will a Bitcoin ETF do to the price of Bitcoin?
Jun 22, 202300:59:30

Inside the episode

Austin Campbell is the managing partner of Zero Knowledge Consulting, an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, and used to work at Paxos as both Portfolio Management and Chief Risk Officer. He also was Co-Head of Digital Assets in Global Rates at CitiBank at JP Morgan for a decade. Austin knows a thing or two about the TradWorld and we brought him on to help us navigate all of the TradNews that has surfaced in the last two weeks around the crypto space.


0:00 Intro

5:12 Austin Campbell

7:14 TradFi Last Two Weeks

10:59 Political Conspiracy

15:05 Timing Analysis

17:17  BlackRock Bitcoin ETF

20:05 Other Bitcoin ETFs Denied

22:47 What's the SEC's Next Move?

24:00 How Bullish is This?

26:13 BlackRock & Coinbase/Kraken Partnership

31:15 EDX Markets

37:22 Unbundling of Crypto Exchanges

42:22 Stablecoins Landscape

49:55 Stablecoin McHenry Bill

56:50 International Stablecoins

57:55 Closing & Disclosures


Austin Campbell

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