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148 - This is How Crypto Fixes the Internet | Antonio García Martínez

Antonio Garcia Martinez is joining Bankless today to discuss his journey down the digital rabbit hole, how the internet is broken, and how to fix it.
Dec 12, 202201:28:55

Inside the episode

As a tech entrepreneur, best-selling author, and product manager for major tech giants, Antonio has seen it all.

In this episode, we’ll learn what an advertisement really is, the economic engine driving the internet, and the importance of attributions and how Web3 can leverage these.


0:00 Intro

6:00 Antonio Garcia Martinez

9:25 AdGrok

14:00 Paying for the Internet

19:50 How Advertising Works

29:10 Facebook Culture

36:30 The Attention Squeeze

41:00 The Double-Edged Sword

48:20 Free Speech

58:00 Digital Identity

1:03:00 Owning Web3 Data

1:07:45 Web3 Today

1:16:20 Growth in Crypto

1:21:15 Antonio in 2022

1:24:45 The Web3 Ad Model

1:27:15 Closing


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