145 - Is The Fed Corrupt? with Christopher Leonard

How is money created? Why? Whose job is it? We often discuss the Federal Reserve, and in this episode, we’re doing a deep dive into what the Fed is—its origins, its purpose, and ultimately, its concerning behavior.
Nov 21, 202201:36:11

Inside the episode

What do we do about this institution? Something has to change, but what is the path forward?

Joining us to answer these questions is Christopher Leonard, investigative journalist and author of The Lords of Easy Money.


0:00 Intro

5:30 Should We Be Worried?

8:35 This is Insane

15:30 Origins of the Fed

23:50 A Young Fed

30:40 From Gold to Fiat

35:50 A Tool of the State

43:25 Incentives and Structure

47:25 Against Ben Bernanke

55:20 Institutional Pressure

59:30 Jay Powell

1:05:20 Banking Pressure

1:12:30 Political Actors

1:16:30 The Terminal Point

1:20:40 What Comes Next?

1:24:00 What to do about the Fed

1:29:15 The Legacy of the Fed


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