138 - What's Next? Vitalik Buterin | Part II

In his first Bankless appearance post-merge, Vitalik shares his behind-the-scenes perspective on the merge, looking back—what he would’ve done differently, and most importantly—what’s next?
Oct 3, 202200:44:57

Inside the episode

Vitalik Buterin is a crypto-economic researcher, author of the Ethereum Whitepaper, builder, and philosopher. He also recently published a new book titled, “Proof of Stake: The Making of Ethereum and the Philosophy of Blockchains.”

This is a two-part episode that you don’t what to miss! Part one is all about what’s next for Ethereum. And part two covers more of the social/philosophical realm of holistically, what is Ethereum. Further, Vitalik explores his thoughts on artificial intelligence and its relationship to crypto.


0:00 Intro

4:17 Is Ethereum a Network State?

11:09 What is Ethereum Then?

15:02 World Economic Forum & Globalism

20:16 Is Ethereum a DAO? What Are DAOs?

23:55 DAOs & Corporations

26:30 Ethereum’s End State

32:11 A.I. vs. Crypto

35:42 A.I. Ethics

41:50 AGI vs. Ethereum Progress

42:38 Closing & Vitalik Disclaimers


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