124 - Is Mark Cuban Buying the Bear?

Mark Cuban of ABC’s Shark Tank, owner of the Mavs, and seasoned entrepreneur and investor joins us for Round Two of Bankless.
Jun 22, 202201:06:05

Inside the episode

Hear what Mark’s been up to since his first Bankless appearance, how he explains crypto to noobs (hint: he doesn’t), what he envisions next for crypto, how long he believes the bear will last and so much more!


0:00 Intro

4:50 What Mark’s Been Up To?

6:20 2017 vs. 2022 Cycle Differences

7:10 Mark’s Crypto Interest Development

16:56 How to Explain Crypto to Noobs

20:21 Macro Components to the Bear

26:10 ETH vs. BTC

30:37 Payments

32:51 What’s Next For Crypto?

34:20 How Long Will the Bear Last?

38:50 Where Mark’s the Most Optimistic

45:50 ReFi, Positivity, & Advice


Mark Cuban

1st Appearance on Bankless

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