$1.5T Franklin Templeton's Massive Bet on Crypto with SVP Sandy Kaul

What's next for TradFi?
Feb 6, 202401:20:23

Inside the episode

Franklin Templeton Has Entered the Chat. More broadly TradFi has entered the chat. Franklin Templeton is a TradFi company with $1.5 trillion in assets. We brought on their SVP Sandy Kaul, who is a turbo crypto bull.

What’s Franklin Templeton? It’s an investment management company (think mutual funds, ETFs) that manages over $1.5 Trillion in assets. This is what we in crypto affectionately refer to as TradFi and they recently came out with a BTC ETF and have big plans for future tokenization. They also seem to be incredibly bullish on crypto and this new intersection between crypto and TradFi. This is exactly what we wanted to explore with Sandy today.


0:00 Intro

7:18 Explaining Crypto to TradFi

13:45 Why TradFi Waited

21:58 Explaining Tokens & Franklin Templeton’s Future Use

31:55 The Chameleon Asset

39:30 What’s Preventing Franklin Templeton?

46:27 Advice For Founders

48:37 Regulation Vibe Check

54:30 Countering Crypto Critiques

1:00:00 BTC & ETH ETF

1:12:16 Under or Over-Rated

1:15:00 Sandy’s Crypto Story

1:17:30 Franklin Templeton’s Twitter

1:19:20 Closing & Disclosures


Franklin Templeton’s Twitter


Sandy Kaul


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