22 - The People's Narrative | Ben Hunt

Learning how to understand markets with Ben's models on epsilon, game theory, and common knowledge
Jul 20, 202001:46:55

Inside the episode

You need to understand the mental models of Ben Hunt to understand what's really going on in crypto. You need his models of epsilon, game theory, narrative, and common knowledge to truly understand markets.

They don't teach you this on Wall Street. Or in business school. But for the Bankless Nation? This knowledge is required for our survival on the journey.

Dr. Ben Hunt is a masterful game theorist and narrative analyzer. His work at Epsilon Theory, his outlook on the world, we've rarely felt so much alignment with someone outside the crypto community.

And what does Ben think about crypto anyway? Is it an opportunity to diminish the nudging oligarchy that runs our world?

What advice does he have for us?

Is there a chance this bankless thing might work?

Enjoy our incredible conversation with Ben.


  • Epsilon, narratives, and playing the player
  • The Keynesian contest running the world
  • The Common Knowledge Game & The Missionary
  • Why our world is getting more chaotic
  • How the Nudging Oligarchy shapes reality
  • Crypto vs the Oligarchy
  • 3 Path for Crypto (and which one Ben thinks is promising)
  • WTF is going on w/ equities?
  • The power of the pack


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