📺 SotN #43: Coinbase Goes Direct | Jeff Dorman

In this week's State of the Nation, we bring on Jeff Dorman, Chief Investment Officer and Arca, to measure the magnitude of $COIN on the public markets.
Apr 21, 202101:09:46

Inside the episode

Jeff Dorman is Chief Investment Officer at Arca, the digital asset management firm. Jeff leads the investment committee, focusing on risk management for cryptoassets. His work history in both legacy and crypto finance puts him in a unique position to work as a bridge between the two worlds.

The Coinbase Direct Listing also acts as a bridge between the two worlds, and it's undoubtedly a landmark event for the legitimization of the crypto industry. What does this mean for the Banks, Fintech, and Wall Street? What does it mean for Gemini, Uniswap, and Binance?

The first item to discuss to answer these questions is how the media and crypto twitter alike were off in their interpretation of this event. The volatile price action in the first moments of the listing were surprising to many, but Jeff explains that this shouldn't be surprising at all, given that there are no underwriters or built-in stability in a direct listing like $COIN's. He expects that there will be volatility and price discovery over a longer stretch of time before the stock moves to a more stable valuation.


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