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๐Ÿ“บ SotN #40: Get a Job in Crypto | Rob Paone of Proof of Talent

Rob Paone, aka Crypto Bobby, joins Bankless to tell you how to get a job in crypto.
Mar 31, 202101:01:1731,152 views

Inside the episode

In this week's State of the Nation, we discuss the emerging crypto economy. Rob Paone is the founder of Proof of Talent, a recruiting and search firm that places candidates in professional roles in the crypto space. Few people are more equipped to discuss the job market in the cryptocurrency industry.

Rob is also known by his Youtube persona, Crypto Bobby. He has transitioned into the space's premier career recruiter and is taking advantage of crypto's huge growth potential. In the legacy world, most of the profitable ideas and services have already been capitalized. Crypto exists on the other end of the spectrum, where the market gaps are vast and ripe for opportunity.

Rob's fundamental approach for candidates seeking employment is one of bootstrapping. The market is geared towards those with a technical background, but the key is finding what sets you apart and proving it. Passion and knowledge should naturally turn into finding like-minded communities and contributing.

There is a premium on authenticity, commitment, and value. For those actively seeking a profession in crypto, there are ways to get involved and make yourself invaluable. Are you a tourist, or are you a settler?


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