๐Ÿ“บ SotN #39: Is Wall Street Going Bankless? | David Grider of Fundstrat

David Grider is a Digital Asset strategy researcher at Fundstrat, an independent research boutique firm. They advise high net-worth individuals, wealth advisors, and a number of actors throughout traditional finance.
Mar 24, 202101:12:35

Inside the episode

Is Wall Street going Bankless? What do they know about crypto? David answers these important questions for us and lays out how Fundstrat is bridging the gap between crypto and Wall Street.

If an asset is legitimate, it will inevitably end up on Wall Street, the heart-center of global finance. David embodies the growing bridge from traditional finance to crypto, and he sees the space as increasingly on the radar of high-level investors. Crypto should be understood as making the internet an emerging market.

For David, the tipping point came as crypto boasted a trillion-dollar market cap. The finance space is not uniform, and some spheres have been more quick to adapt and adopt than others. As crypto becomes more standardized and accepted, it will be easier to continue this trend in accordance with the Lindy effect โ€“ the idea that life expectancy decreases over time with things like technology and concepts.

A general willingness to adopt must also be paired with necessary technologies and infrastructure to support custody and investment vehicles, and these things take time. Wall Street is starting to recognize changes in the current monetary regime, and trailblazers like Fundstrat are making this change more real and accessible.


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