πŸ“Ί SotN #38: The State of NFTs with Andrew Steinwold

Andrew Steinwold is a respected voice in the NFT space and is managing partner of Sfermion, an NFT-native investment firm. We unpack the recent NFT boom and digest the innovation, successes, failures, and lessons in the space as we reflect and move forward.
Mar 17, 202101:08:00

Inside the episode

When Andrew was last on Bankless for 'The Bull Case for NFTs' in September 2020, the Nation was introduced to NFTs as an ocean of opportunity for democratizing value. The landscape for NFTs has changed drastically in the last 6 months, but Andrew's approach has remained generally similar.

Andrew updates us on his expectations on the future of NFTs in the context of the current boom. He addresses the notion of the 'NFT Bubble' and the blurred distinction between memes and value. We dive into Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake and what makes for a genuine NFT – in terms of both content and distribution.

Through the trials of this cycle, we have found many NFT-specific insights and lessons. Andrew explores the successes and failures of experimentation in this space. We highlight">Cryptopunks, which boasts an organic release, being the first of its kind, and mass community adoption.

Resources:">The Bull Case for NFTs">Sfermion Website">Sfermion Blog">Sfermion on Twitter">Andrew on Twitter

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