19 - DeFi vs. Banks | Hasu

Hasu is a free-thinker. A truth seeker. A rare voice in crypto.
Jun 29, 2020

Inside the episode

He's not afraid to push back on tribal dogma. He breaks rank with Bitcoiners on some topics and Ethereans on others. Yet he still considers himself a member of both tribes and respects the mysticism (and even dogma) of these deeply social systems.

In the spirit of Satoshi he's pseudonymous. We don't know his actual identity. But we know who he is from his body of writing that has influenced our thinking on many crypto topics.

What does he think about Ethereum?

About crypto banks?

About DeFi?


  • Hasu's fave writers
  • Body and Spirit of crypto networks
  • Is Hasu an Etherean?
  • Why Bitcoin might not survive
  • How Maker is like a central bank
  • Is EIP1559 bullish for ETH?
  • The best Rick & Morty episode


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