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37 - Crypto is Empowering | Phil Bonello

Discussing with Grayscale's Director of Research on how crypto is technology for the people
Nov 2, 202001:30:01

Inside the episode

Phil Bonelo:

  • Director of Research of Greyscale
  • Former ikigai asset management
  • Messari. How crypto powers the individual.

Phil speaks about technology for the people by the people, a central theme of the Bankless Nation.

Crypto is an empowering technology.

Elliptic curve cryptography provides the maximum level of ownership assurances over property, a service that the Nation State historically has had monopoly over.

Cryptocurrency is a subset of cryptography. Cryptography powers more thing than just 'crypto'.

Why is it important to have individual-empowering technology?

How does encryption empower the individual? Is this good?

How does cryptography impact global labor markets?

What does an internet-enabled economy produce?

What else can we do with this power?

Join us as we go on this journey!


  1. 📄 Read the Sovereign individual thesis
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