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41 - Crypto Civilization | Balaji Srinivasan

Chatting with former Coinbase CTO about living on the frontier of human innovation
Nov 30, 2020

Inside the episode

No one blends the academic, startup, & venture world quite like Balaji Srinivasan.

With multiple engineering degrees, multiple exits, being early into Bitcoin, selling a company to Coinbase, being CTO to Coinbase, Balaji lives on the frontier of human innovation.

Rumor is that he’s trying to create a digital country, we’re gonna talk about it.

Legacy of COVID creating distrust In Institutions

Balaji thinks that the world is ready for new institutions and that the movement of time is to generate new solutions rather than repair old ones.

‘Crypto-civilization’, or what Balaji calls: The Network State

The leveraging of the most useful modern technology and coordination tools, to produce structurally independent organizations

  • Digital Nations vs the Nation-State

How might this independence generate friction with the status quo?

And of course, how does a new 'crypto civilzation' actually manifest.

Balaji is a real Big Brain thinker, so strap yourself in!

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