🚨 Alpha Alert: PoolTogether Airdrop

If you’ve ever used PoolTogether, you've earned POOL tokens. Here's what you need to know...
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Feb 17, 20213 min read
🚨 Alpha Alert: PoolTogether Airdrop

We’re now sending Alpha Alerts to let you know about the big opportunities in crypto. Alpha Alerts are event-based, time-sensitive, and provide you an immediate ROI.

We only send these to Bankless Premium members like you. 😎

Let’s get to the Alpha. 🚀


ALPHA ALERT #1: PoolTogether Token Airdrop

Get POOL Token Community Airdrop

PoolTogether is a no-loss lottery protocol we’ve written about since version 1. You deposit a stablecoin in the lotto pool, it invests all the pooled money into DeFi lending protocols, and each week one lucky winner gets all the interest the pool generates.

It’s no-loss because you can always withdraw your principal.

Today, PoolTogether released their POOL governance token. That means if you’ve ever used PoolTogether you’re eligible to receive the POOL rewards.

  • Alpha: Get POOL token if you’ve ever used PoolTogether
  • Asset: POOL
  • Eligibility: Must have deposited to PoolTogether before Jan 14th, 2021
  • Distribution: Weighted based on the length and amount of deposit
  • Detail: Here’s the official post with details
  • ROI: Varies…I put in $38 for a year and got 81 POOL (about $1,500 in POOL)

How to get this Alpha:

  1. Find an Ethereum addresses that has deposited funds to PoolTogether (remember when we told you about this in Sept 2019 and again in Feb 2020 ? 😎)

  2. Connect your wallet on the PoolTogether accounts page

  3. Click “Claim Pool” button

  4. See the amount of tokens you are eligible for, click claim, pay gas…then wait


  5. Congrats! The POOL tokens are yours. You can now use them for future governance on the PoolTogether protocol.


  • What if you missed this alpha? Keep leveling up on the Bankless program. Start using projects that might have future airdrops. Spend time each week learning something new. Connect with the community. You’re still early…this is a marathon not a sprint!

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