17 - A Bankless Nation (Part 1)

Discussing human coordination and the next digital evolution of nation states
Jun 15, 202001:04:58

Inside the episode

An alien visits earth. He sees our cities, our governments, our moral codes. He's curious, "What's are you trying to do here?" he asks the humans.

The humans respond: "We're trying to get coordinated".

Coordination is how humanity rose above the animals. Built the pyramids. Put a man on the moon.

We've coordinated as hunter-gather societies in tribes. As agrarian societies in kingdoms. As industrial societies in nation states.

And now...as information societies in digital nations like Ethereum and Bitcoin. This. Changes. Everything.


Uh...why are we here? What's the point?

  • A nation is more than a nation state!
  • How do we coordinate? Why?
  • The thing that makes humans special
  • Getting past Dunbar's number
  • The rise & limits of nation states
  • The next evolution of the nation
  • How you become a citizen of Ethereum
  • Frameworks: how to learn about cryptocurrency and how to study cryptocurrency


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