Weekly Action Recap

Your action recap for the week of October 11th, 2020
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Oct 17, 20203 min read
Weekly Action Recap

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Dear Bankless Nation,

CFTC Chairman Heath Tabert just said this.

“When I think about DeFi, it's obviously revolutionary & could lead to a massive disintermediation of the financial system."

🤯 🤯 🤯

Stuff like this happens daily now. That’s why we launched a Friday morning show called Weekly Roundups. It’s everything you need to know for the week in 25 minutes.

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Then make it part of your Friday morning routine—best 25 minutes of your week.

I hope you caught the Q3 token report from Lucas this week too. Token revenue up 26x. Multiple DeFi tokens up 100%+. DEX volumes are soaring to new highs. Uniswap is starting to eat Coinbase’s lunch. (Bankless is happening)

Ethereum and DeFi are ushering the rise of ownership economy. All this and we’re still at the beginning of the multi-year bull cycle (🔥 article from Ben on Bitcoin Moon).

Here’s what’s happening next week:

Here’s to another week of leveling up at warp speed.


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Recap for the week of October 11th, 2020


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