Weekly Action Recap

Your action recap for the week of November 16th, 2020
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Nov 21, 20203 min read
Weekly Action Recap

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Dear Bankless Nation,

The bull market is here.

ETH crosses $500. BTC hits market cap all time highs. And institutional investors are flooding in (listen to this week’s pod to learn more).

Years of work recognized in the form of rapid price appreciation. Over a year ago, we issued the call to go bankless—to embark on the journey.

Those of you who’ve been since the beginning…has it paid off?

We’ve said it since the start: there’s massive upside if we’re right. We’re witnessing the global financial system in the midst of massive re-architecture…we’re about to see the first initial bond offering of a decentralized economy.

This is the journey towards self-sovereignty.

Capitalize on the opportunity, keep leveling up, and enjoy the ride.

Let’s get to the recap.


P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to U.S. readers! When your family asks you about your weird crypto thing this time you can send them this guide.

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Recap for the week of November 16th, 2020


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🎙️STATE OF THE NATION #23 - Recruiting

📺 Watch State of the Nation #23: Recruiting with Eric Conner

Community culture, staking, the war effort, and Eth2 propaganda…

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  4. Learn how to run an ETH validator for the barely motivated 🔥
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  1. 🎙️ Listen to Grayscale’s $10B Bridge to Crypto with Michael Sonnenshein 🔥
  2. 📺 Watch State of the Nation #23: RECRUITING
  3. 📺 Watch ETH at $500! What’s next?? with David and Anthony Sassano
  4. 📺 Watch our AMA with Mel from from Monolith
  5. 📺 Watch Weekly Rollups - 3rd Week of November - new show!

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