UniswapX Revealed: A Game-Changer for DeFi

Hayden Adams reveals the ins and outs of UniswapX
Jul 18, 202300:00:00117,370 views

Inside the episode

It's ETHCC time, the Ethereum Community Conference where groundbreaking announcements are made. And ahead of the conference, Uniswap Labs has already released their latest protocol, UniswapX, a game-changing addition to the Uniswap ecosystem. UniswapX is the missing piece that makes Uniswap the ultimate destination for token swappers.

In this episode, we have Hayden Adams, the creator of Uniswap, revealing the ins and outs of UniswapX. This protocol ensures competitive order execution in DeFi, safeguarding swappers from MEV extractors, arbitrageurs, and front runners, so that everyday users can secure the best possible deals. Discover how UniswapX employs a Dutch auction to maximize returns, while reducing bridge risks and enhancing efficiency in DeFi trading.


0:00 Intro

4:30 Uniswap is Shipping

7:30 Decentralizing

10:25 Competitive Marketplaces

14:50 What’s New in UniswapX?

19:30 Value to the Users

23:08 What is Uniswap Now?

26:14 Formalizing New Players

30:55 Pushing the Ecosystem

36:00 How UniswapX Works

42:30 User Preferences

48:30 Changing MEV

52:45 Cross-Chain Swapping

1:00:00 Bridge Difficulties

1:05:45 Harnessing Complexity

1:09:13 The Beta Launch

1:14:15 More on the Way


Hayden Adams: https://twitter.com/haydenzadams?s=20

UniswapX: https://twitter.com/Uniswap/status/1680955621343129600?s=20

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